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I am confused:available jobs where i can work with autistic children?

Question by bella:
I am 22 and im attending local community university. i presently function as an aid in a classroom with autistic kids and i know that i want to perform with autistic youngsters as a job. I definately dont want to be a instructor. I was contemplating for of a habits therapist but as I try and investigation i cant discover any info. Are there any other jobs or careers where I can perform with autistic children? I wished to key in Psychology and I was contemplating some type of therapy…. ideas?

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Answer by justmeinthisworld
search up BCBA

somethiong liek
www.bacb.com or org

you could operate in early intervention

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Anyone Know:What kind of jobs are good for adults on the autism spectrum?

Issue by steady_c:
adults with autism can encounter some problems.What type of jobs do you believe would be great for an individual with autism? Can someones circumstance of autism be so serious that he/she would be not able to work? is there any authorities assistance or applications to help grownups with autism?

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Response by Beavis
indeed there is D.H.H.S. they help disable kids and older people with autism

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&quotI do not know about this location.&quot

I am confused:I have autism and I want to work with people who have autism, any tips or ideas for jobs?

Question by Sky Blue:
I have seen some work opportunities, but they require higher quantities of education. Is there a area for me to work, I am 27 years old? My very best memory is when I worked an entry degree occupation shelving textbooks at a library and I achieved a boy who also had autism and I received along with him greater than any individual at any time satisfied before and this had stuck with me.

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Solution by Skip Tuddy
Why not go back to university? Examine Social Perform, then grow to be an advocate for autism. You would be working with clients who have Autism.

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