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Help me:How will college effect me with my classic autism?

Query by Entertainer:
I have common autism but I am completely purposeful and I act like any normal particular person would be assume for the inside of. Will a higher education or a college be too difficult for me? What is your view?

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Solution by blank
I think that you would need to consider it to be sure. If you are nervous about it you can always inform the university and they would be inclined to make some accomodations, or permit you just take significantly less courses. If you find it to be not as well considerably then you can add courses as you want.

Great luck and have exciting!

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I am confused:How many children are diagnosed with classic autism?

Problem by My puppy meows:
I’m certain several of us have heard the startling stats that one in a hundred and fifty children are diagnosed with autism. Are spectrum issues, such as Aspergers and PDD-NOS part of this statistic? I am curious how numerous children are in fact getting diagnosed with traditional autism.

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Reply by Latoya W
yes, spectrum disorders and other kinds of autism are included in this statistic.

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Help me:How come individuals with classic autism are not enrolled in college?

Question by matthanson42:
This is another problem regarding autism, and there are a lot more folks with Asperger’s Syndrome/HFA coming into higher education. I was pondering why no individual with classic autism is or will be attending school?
There is a distinction between substantial-operating autism/Asperger’s Syndrome and classic autism. Traditional autism, individuals build language late in existence or not at all, as opposed to AS/HFA in which folks develop language earlier in life.

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Solution by justmeinthisworld
wherever did you uncover that out?

is it truly ducmented that none with calssid autsim is in higher education?

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