Help me:Would you recommend giving a swine flu vaccine to an autistic child?

Question by Kat:
The vaccine has thimerasol and other chemicals, these have been thought to cause autism and if the child is already autistic is there a possibility it can make the autism worse? Is the vaccine even worth getting?

Best answer:

Answer by ckm1956
There is absolutely NO evidence that vaccines are linked to autism. None.

An autistic child has enough hurdles in her/his life. Surviving H1N1 shouldn’t be one of them.

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3 thoughts on “Help me:Would you recommend giving a swine flu vaccine to an autistic child?”

  1. Ditto what the other answerer said. There is NO link between vaccines and autism, as has been proven through countless studies.

    There is, however, proof that h1n1 is particularly easy to catch for younger people and is a THREAT to the welfare of a child.

  2. Ummm..not true about no link between autism and vaccines. Google “Hannah Poling” and “Bailey Banks.” Both children had “vaccine induced autism” and both families were compensated accordingly. Hannah had mitochondrial dysfunction (which means she never should have been vaccinated) and Bailey Banks had a massive seizure after vaccination and spriraled into autism which is VERY common. A lady who lives in the city I used to live in just had an adverse reaction to this vaccination and is now paralyzed. Just a hop and skip over the bridge into KY a 3 yr old recently had a reaction to a “regular” flu shot and is now paralyzed..dr’s saying more than likely she will never walk again.
    Shots “f&ck” with the immune system. That is what they are designed to do. When Jenny McCarthy took her son to an immunologist after being diagnosed with autism and have massive seizures, he said that her son “has the immune system of a dying AIDS patient.”

    My advice??? Give things to help the body’s immune system naturally..Vit. D, Vit C, fish oil, multivitamin and a healthy diet :)

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