Help me:What is the difference between a shy person and a person with autism?

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What I have study, some of the signs of Autism is lack of self-assurance, self esteem…

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Solution by ♪ladida♪
A shy man or woman has the capacity to be outgoing and quite social. but a individual with autism can not assist their response, its just the way their brain functions.

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9 thoughts on “Help me:What is the difference between a shy person and a person with autism?”

  1. Sometimes, I live with Asperger’s. It is more of your mind hits stop signs once in a while. You dont know what to do next.

    Shyness is an emotional hold back on your mind. Autism is more a block not related to a feeling for fear. More a sense of lost.

  2. Autism is not a lack of confidence or self esteem, it’s a medical problem with different depths.
    Some autistic children can learn to associate with other people and some never let anyone into their world. They have a tendency to do repetitive things or certain things like rubbing a blanket over and over for hours as a form of stimulation. Some do not like to be hugged or kissed and then there’s the extreme of not wanting to be touched. Some won’t make eye contact with anyone.

    You need to do more research to find more details on Autism.
    Shyness is totally different.

  3. There’s not a ton of differences. But autism usually includes the actual inability to talk to other people. No matter how hard they try, people with autism absolutely cannot talk with another person face-to-face. When someone’s shy, they just feel uncomfortable in public, they can still force themselves to talk to people.

  4. WHAT???

    Is this a joke?

    Shyness is lack of confidence I guess, unease in social settings and with new or even familiar people.

    Autism is a neurological condition that impedes “normal” delevopment.

    This is an extremely simplified answer.

    People with autism may seem aloof,distracted,unengaging atc as a result of the condition.

    It is Not ,However, shyness

  5. take a wild guess, a shy person acts different when they’re with people their comfortable with, autisic kids are like that 24/7

  6. I don’t think it follows that because one person is autistic, they are therefore shy.

    Autistic people often miss social cues. But they can be non-stop talkers.

    I once lived with an autistic guy who would follow me everywhere and talk about the New England Patriots. Even when I went into the bathroom and shut the door; he would continue talking. Always about the Patriots.

    My other roommate had to tell him “I need my quiet time.”

    He probably had a lack of confidence and a lack of self-esteem also. But where that might dissuade most people from socially interacting with others, it didn’t dissuade him at all.

    The reason was that he was socially oblivious; he wasn’t even aware that someone was getting annoyed with him for his incessant chatter. In fact, a lot of these autistic types — people get mad at them, and they can’t figure out why. It must be a really terrible feeling going through life like that.

  7. Autism is more of a disability and an autistic person may be intelligent, but not communicate. Shy people, to varying degrees are nervous about meeting other people or other social situations. Shyness is something most people recognize in themselves and will overcome on their own. Autistic people may not think there is anything ‘wrong’ with them and they may need help from a specialist in this field.

  8. A shy person has the ability to interact with people but are uncomfortable doing so. An autistic person, such as my 15 year old son has damage in certain parts of his brain including his speech center. He is non verbal. An autistic person does not know how to interact with people they only mimic what they see in their mind. Its like they’re in a fog. Its just the way their brain is wired.

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