Help me:Does having a mole on your leg mean you have some kind some autism?

Issue by Sternfluss:
I enjoy sporting shorts but I only have 1 mole on my human body. It is on my leg. Does that imply you have some form of autism if the autism and the mole have been brought on by acquiring an injection in the very spot exactly where it’s at? In situation you don’t know, I do not have autism but I met a truly wonderful buddy and neat guy with the very same mole on his leg with autism.

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Solution by Mary Stucky
If an individual has a mole ont heir leg and they have autism and they have a mole like you on their leg does not indicate you have autism its just a coincidence

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2 thoughts on “Help me:Does having a mole on your leg mean you have some kind some autism?”

  1. There is no connection between autism and moles. Moles are common; the fact that some autistic people have them is a coincidence. Vaccines do not cause autism or moles.

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