Anyone Know:why do autistic people have such good memory?

Problem by jenny:
I know some austic people can have photographic reminiscences or other wonderful skills, but what tends to make them be able to have these talents?

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Solution by loz
properly i neva understood that thank you for instructing me sumthing

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2 thoughts on “Anyone Know:why do autistic people have such good memory?”

  1. I don’t think anyone really knows. My brother is autistic and he has a very good memory and he is extremely smart. This is a good question that i ask myself too.

  2. As far as I know there is a select few with “idiot savant”. In general I don´t agree that “autistic people” have great memory.

    I guess the autistic trait means people like order -and structured things. There is security and safety in order. And so this order is more often sought.

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