Anyone Know:Who out there has an extremely extroverted autistic child?

Issue by Sarah C:
An autistic person is normally withdrawn, and reclusive.
Remember to in real truth and existence knowledge, give me an illustration of a little one diagnosed with autism who is really social and out going.
If you are familiar with the diagnose, and a person with it, who maintains the features of isolism as I briefly described previously mentioned- your response and details/view would be valuable and tremendously appreciated by myself, as properly. I thank you for your time and input.

Best solution:

Solution by Melissa
I have three young children on the spectrum, two with aspergers and one particular with extreme autism. They are all 3 really social. The aspies do not ever stop conversing to other individuals, usually of quite inappropriate issues. My third child does not communicate quite well, but she loves to be around men and women, watches them and stims like nuts when she’s savoring it.

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