Hackology.Com is back, baby!

Having registered our domain name, hackology.com, with NetworkSolutions, was our first mistake.

NetworkSolutions.Com generally validates that you are the owner of a particular domain name via your email address, not a user/password (by default). We were using an email address provided by HushMail.Com for the administrative contact of the domain name. However, our email address was cancelled by HushMail. Continue reading

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Snapfish Review

snapfish logoAbout the snapfish.com:

Taking the photos is not the only task important to save the memories. It is considered that there are hundreds of sources and platforms where people can store and share the photos but the prominent source is the one that provides the printing, editing and other important functions. Do you have a source for printing and editing? Don’t take tension because the snapfish.com is providing such facilities to the people who are interested to edit the photos according to the special styles and designs. Photo editing and printing is considered special activity in order to save the memories in a colorful way. There is no need to pay for the additional photo studio services because all these features are available online. You have to visit the snapfish.com in order to see all these important features. It is time to see the important reviews about this famous and popular online service. Continue reading

epson toner cartridges

Epson Laser Toner Cartridge Review

Seiko Epson Corporation, generally known as Epson is a Japanese electronics company which is world’s largest manufacturers of image related equipment and computer printers. Founded in 1942 with its headquarters in Suwa, Nagano, Japan, the company has come a long way over the years. It has established numerous sub divisions worldwide that specializes in manufacturing inkjet, laser printers, desktop computers, scanners, laptops and various other electronic commodities for both home and office use. If you need some Epson laser toner cartridges, you can buy them from 4inkjets.com (check a review first). Continue reading


Spend your holiday at Brunei

All of you must have read stories about kings and queens, their huge palaces surrounded by beautiful gardens and tall towers when you were little children. But when you come to Brunei – a tiny South East Asian country, life comes to a stop and you get the feeling that the fairy tale land you had heard about really does exist with all its magic and glamour intact. Very unbelievable to the eyes, this wonderful country enthrals visitors and offers a whole new world, apart from the clamour of the otherwise hustling and bustling modern world scenario. Continue reading

Tips to take photos of an autistic child

Many families prefer to take yearly photos and print them using kodak gallery service. If you use kodak gallery promo codes, the price is very cheap. However, taking photos of your autistic child does not need to be a demanding experience. Like other things your autistic child has ever done, make sure they are comfortable and do not pressure them to do anything whatsoever. Turn it into a fun time and relish the situation. The images can get taken and appear great. However, for those who have an autistic child, providing them with to pose for any picture isn’t any easy task. The autistic child may not wish to sit still or might even be bothered through the vibrant lights. However, there’s hope to get that picture finally taken. Listed here are a couple of tips.

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Link with this world via localphone

Scientist and technologist have worked very hard for the success of this world and they have innovated lots of technologies in this aspect. They want to make this world a global village and have done a lot of work for the purpose. Initially, they have innovated different phone services, then national phone services and now they have made a great revolution in the world of technology through their great innovation named international calling. Different international calling services are ready to make human life easy and they are doing very hard work for this purpose. Continue reading